Our focus is you, your goals and your future.

We do not simply provide a wealth management or financial planning service. We offer a whole lot more than that.

At Hamilton Rose Wealth Management Limited, we seek to provide our clients with a wide range of complementary services that are all co-ordinated within a personally tailored financial plan. The plan itself can be holistic in nature, addressing all of your requirements. Your financial goals and life aspirations are unique to you, whether you are saving for retirement, providing a secure future for your dependents or simply wanting to make your money work harder for you. So your plan is also unique. This plan then becomes a comprehensive long term strategy which clearly identifies as part of the strategy interim milestones against which progress can be assessed.

It is not always needed, or cost-effective, to undertake a complete holistic plan. If this is the case, we can provide advice limited to specific areas of concern or priorities.

Examples of such advice might include:

  • Pension investment reviews and co-ordination of retirement planning objectives
  • Protection for dependents in the event of illness or on death
  • Planning for specific goals – such as an expected IHT liability or school fees
  • Corporate advice on issues such as business succession and protecting against the loss of a key person
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